Lumber Mills Giving You Far More Than Lumber

Earth has a wide range of natural resources to offer. Some of them are rare and precious whereas others could be considered a dime a dozen by certain standards. Still, this doesn't make those common elements any less valuable. Without lumber, there would be no homes, and without homes, where would humanity be? Edrich Lumber lives up to its name, but the company offers far more natural resources than that.


Lumber is required for the basic structure of a home as well as the fencing, decks and other elements known for adding to its value, appearance, and functionality. Because of this, not all cuts and types of wood are appropriate for all uses. Having a choice is the key to tailoring each construction project to individual needs and expectations, so customization options are crucial.


Stakes are vital components for a wide range of projects, such as marking a property line long before construction begins. They're also used for identifying crucial points in construction or setting off areas not to be touched. At the same time, utility companies often use them to mark points for power lines and other necessities to be connected to a new structure. Regardless of the use, they're crucial for far more than supporting plants in a vegetable garden.


Though the lumber-cutting process is designed to generate as little waste as possible, some elements are bound to be left after the fact. This doesn't mean they have to be tossed aside. Whether ground up tree stumps or unusable parts of a tree trunk, all those extra components can be transformed into mulch and given an entirely new purpose. Mulch helps hold moisture in soil, control weeds and keep vital soil nutrients in place to name a few benefits, so there's no reason for leftovers to go to waste.

Though you can find an array of wood-based resources at a lumber mill in Baltimore County, other options are also at your disposal. One of these extra bonuses is wood recycling, ensuring items like cleared debris, old logs, and other unwanted wood isn't left to decay by the wayside. Architectural stone is likewise available. Whether you're looking for new, custom-cut lumber or hope to get rid of cleared timbers, your local lumber mill is the solution.


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